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Cambodia Travel
Cambodia Travel
Cambodia Travel
Butterfly Adventure Bike Tours
Daily Tours with your personal tour guide in Cambodia

Countryside Tour 20 km Start at 8.00am & 2.00pm (half day $35usd)
We ride to the beautiful Cambodian countryside around 20 km through local villages to see first hand the daily life of the farmers working hard in the rice fields.


Tone Sap Tour 25 km Start at 8.00am ($55 usd)

We ride our bikes through rice fields and villages then take a boat to the great lake to see floating village and floating forest. You can see the lifestyle of the lake dwellers first hand as they do everything on the lake itself.


Village Tour 25 km start at 8.00am ($35 usd)
We ride out to see close-up, the culture and lifestyle of the villagers in the countryside as they work - you can volunteer to help them if you want.


Solitary Temple 40 km Start at 8.00am ($59 usd)

For those who want a real experience to discover one of the more distant temples lost in a rice field; we will climb up the hill (around 230m) to see the temple at the top where you can get some great photos.


There are alot of tours match your search criteia.





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